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From the Ashes of COP25

The recent climate conference COP25 has ended as many before with  little concrete action on the climate crisis we are experiencing. Clearly the current mechanisms for dealing with the climate crisis are woefully inadequate. The essential question we must ask ourselves  is what can be done to change the current course of affairs. It may […]

The Case for Unilateral Action on Climate Change

I have been somewhat occupied lately with understanding and trying to influence Israel’s policy, or to be frank lack of effective policy, on Climate Change. There are no real technological barriers to stopping greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction and usage of fossil fuels. Certainly In Israel we have plenty of sun and also some […]

Climate Change Reversal – Political & Personal Pathways

It is refreshing to see that a recently formed group in the UK called Extinction Rebellion are showing dedication to the cause of reversing climate change via direct action . The direct action includes demonstrations in the middle of London’s busy roads and bridges etc. Morally I think this is perfectly justified , however the […]

Global Lethargy

It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. That may or may not be true but what is undoubtedly true is that the current crop of world leaders are fiddling around, while the world is on a potentially catastrophic pace of heating. Some countries have done  somewhat more than others, however as a group […]