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Climate Strategy – Notes

Intro this have been widely recognised by the scientific community for some thirty years. The necessary solution, which involves cutting and eventually eliminating net global emissions has been widely recognised for a long time. Despite this humanity as a whole has so far been unable to implement the needed reductions in net global emissions. Solutions […]

War and Peace in the Middle East

I must confess that I have often avoided writing on the subject of War and Peace  in the Middle East.  The subject is not easy , is rather close to home and it may be difficult to cover all the aspects in a comprehensive manner. That being said , recent events have brought home the […]

Fractals , Corona and Climate

Have recently reread the book “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” by Nassim Taleb.  The basic premise of the book is that human history especially in recent times is dominated by unexpected but extremely consequential events. The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic which came as a surprise to most of us, certainly […]

External Air Pollution Costs

One of the remarkable features of the current measures being widely taken today to control the spread of the Coronavirus  is how much they are a throwback to measures historically taken when dealing with infectious disease. For all of the medical progress that has taken place the most effective method of dealing with this virus […]

From the Ashes of COP25

The recent climate conference COP25 has ended as many before with  little concrete action on the climate crisis we are experiencing. Clearly the current mechanisms for dealing with the climate crisis are woefully inadequate. The essential question we must ask ourselves  is what can be done to change the current course of affairs. It may […]

The Case for Unilateral Action on Climate Change

I have been somewhat occupied lately with understanding and trying to influence Israel’s policy, or to be frank lack of effective policy, on Climate Change. There are no real technological barriers to stopping greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction and usage of fossil fuels. Certainly In Israel we have plenty of sun and also some […]

Migration – Ethical & Practical considerations.

My kind and generous sister Josie Glausiusz has  for the last few months been traveling to Lod every Sunday evening to help Eritrean asylum seekers fill out an eight-page refugee status determination form. She  suggested that if I was writing a blog on global issues I might like to tackle the issue of migration.  I […]

Tragedy, Romance & Economics

Much of classical literature revolved around tragedies of one sort or another. Most of modern literature is preoccupied with sex and romance in all their possible permutations. It is a rare book on economics that makes it onto best seller lists. So when the book Capital in the Twenty First Century made it onto the Best […]