The Iran Nuclear Deal – What Next

As I grew up in London , which was and probably still is a prime potential target for  soviet nuclear weaponry I have taken a keen interest in the subject of WMD.

Living as I do in Israel has also contributed to my interest in the subject.

In that light I will set out my thoughts on the withdrawal of the US from the current Iran Nuclear deal and the question what if anything should or will replace it.

There are a variety of  possibilities ranging from the mundane to the catastrophic.

One possibility which is no doubt the preferred option with the current US administration is a new deal similar in some respects to the current but with some changes which would make it more palatable such as long term restrictions on refinement of Uranium , restrictions on rocketry, more stringent inspections etc.

That is one possibility, however it is by no means assured.

I would like to explore what I think is in the long run a more viable solution to the whole issue which would be declaring and implementing a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East.

I am aware that this possibility has been suggested for years without getting anywhere and there are a lot of obstacles, as anything worthwhile, to its implementation so I will be considering the various obstacles and possibilities of resolution.